This is basically my journal. Things that I want to remember, and other silly things.

Twenty year old girl from Ohio.

I'm friendly.
I'm vertically challenged.
I'm awkward.
I'm a nub.
Full time cat lady.


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They were all like “SELFIEEEEE.”

Trying to teach myself to do a handstand after wanting to for so long. It’ll be stuck on the wall for quite a while, but I don’t mind. I’m excited!

I somehow managed to go 38-10 in Halo and we still lost.

I somehow managed to go 38-10 in Halo and we still lost.

A hair ninja obviously

A hair ninja obviously

I think the worst thing a guy can do when you’re accusing him of something that he did to hurt you, however small or big it is, is deny it. Denying that he even did anything wrong at all. And then twisting it on you somehow, acting like you’re insane.

I knooooow you girls know exactly what I mean…

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The more I think about it, the more it seems like a good idea to just move out to the countryside and rebuild myself there temporarily.

I mean, bad idea but good idea.

I don’t know.

One step forward, two steps back. It’s just how it goes with you.

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Somehow it randomly came to my thoughts that one Christmas where we were still in a ldr and I had been asking for a shirt/boxers of yours to sleep in. So you sent me a pair of your boxers that you had sewed a bow onto. They were navy blue with a red bow.

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I like the way you held my hand when you took me to the lake this weekend.
I like the way you were relentless in scaring me when we were on the swings, even though I pleaded for you to stop.
I like the way your luck ended up shining through when we happened to stumble upon an srt4 meet. :b

I like the way you’re sweet to random little kids, cause I swear you have some weird thing about you where you just draw them in even though you swear you dislike them.
I like the way you sleep, it makes me wonder if other humans are that handsome when they sleep…
I like the way you’ve been sitting here with me in this bed ALL DAMN DAY binge-watching American Horror Story: Coven. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.
I like your shoulders.
I like how giant your hands are.
I like how concentrated and cool as a cucumber you look when you’re shifting gears.
I like the way you add up my total as I fill the cart when we go shopping. :’)

I like it all. I like you.

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But then it has some advantages. Like curling up with the box set of Harry Potter that he got me one Christmas.


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The worst part about having a boyfriend is that you immediately have to share your food. I tried eating the ONE piece of pie out of the whole thing I cooked and he appeared out of nowhere and took bites.

Though, I can’t complain much because I am notorious for taking bites of everyone’s food so…

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I’ve been thinking about the time when I came to visit you and meet your family in Texas. It was my first time flying, and I did it all by myself. It was a big deal to me. Leaving you was so hard. I remember waking up that morning and getting ready, and I was so calm and I didn’t understand why. I said goodbye and thanked your Mama and your Papa and we packed up the car and headed to the airport. That’s when it kicked in. I was sad, and I wanted nothing more for you to turn the car around and take me back home with you. A sad sounding song came on and you changed it to “You! Me! Dancing!” by Los Campesinos. That song will forever be burned in my brain, and will be forever connected to this memory.

We got to the airport and when I was walking away I knew you were there waiting for me to turn around and wave or something. But I couldn’t. Because I KNEW with all of my heart that I would not have gotten on that plane had I turned around and looked at you. I would have refused.

I love you lots. I just can’t help it.

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I’ve reached a whole new level of weirdo but I dun even care. ♡ Get lost, applesauce.

I’ve reached a whole new level of weirdo but I dun even care. ♡ Get lost, applesauce.

hi thur

hi thur

Quick note of things I’m thinking:

♡ My most favorite thing is when he takes me on night drives. I’d take that over a date night any time. Even though he often combines the two.

♡ My little brother has a girl that he’s been crushing on. It’s a long distance thing, and it reminds me of Boyfriend and I when we went through all of it. The way he rushes to charge his phone when he gets home so that he can talk to her, when he talks/cams all night.

♡ I remember when you were in Texas and you watched me sleep at night when I got the kinect thing that came with the xbox. I felt safe and sweet.

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"You look like one of those anime characters" is what I live for. It makes my day. My liiiife. And the fact that people tell me so in real life makes me feel like maaaaybe just maybe I’m not so bad.

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