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Twenty year old girl from Ohio.

I'm friendly.
I'm vertically challenged.
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My entire dream was about me being hellbent on finding this girl that I saw pass by me somewhere because I thought she was so beautiful and I just wanted to kiss her.

I finally found her in the end and she ended up being a psycho murderer. :’)

Needless to say, no kiss.

What the hell.

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My pancakes bring all the boys to the yard V2.

My pancakes bring all the boys to the yard V2.

My pancakes bring all the boys to duh yard.

My pancakes bring all the boys to duh yard.

The one time I want to commit to buying a phone and verizon’s site is acting stupid. -.-

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I don’t even know where to begin. My mind is so scrambled even though it just happened.

So… We live in a really shitty neighborhood. Really shitty. Probably half of the houses around are abandoned, or look abandoned. Either that or just empty lots because they’ve been torn down. For the longest time we haven’t had neighbors. The house to the right of us has just been bought by a lady and I finally just met her tonight…

Boyfriend and I were out playing frisbee (fuck off, it’s fun okay) and I politely said hello to the woman. It went into introducing ourselves to each other and all that, and then she stated that her power had not yet been turned on. So I offered to run and extension cord from our house to hers so she’d have atleast something. She was grateful and then that was that.

BUT THEN, about an hour later, I decided to run a cord over to her so she could have a few more power slots. And this is where it all started. That was it. I got sucked in.

This woman has plans for me and I just met her. She began talking about how she was drawn to me, how beautiful and good my aura is and because of that she wants me to be her partner. She’s going to be opening a yoga studio and wants to pay for me to take classes to become a yoga instructor. And she just keeps talking about how she wants to give me a key and share her home. “This will be your new home away from home. I get joy from sharing my home.” She made me promise that tomorrow as soon as I get home from work that I’ll come over and she’ll give me a key and we’ll go to look at studios to pick out.

I just can’t place her. It’s just so odd for someone to be so open, I’m just not used to it. I don’t know how to feel. I feel like she’s an awesome lady, but I’m not sure that I trust her words and crazy huge plans yet. I’m more of a “take it slow” girl, but she seems to be dead-set on this crazy plan. I’ve literally only talked to her about an hour. That’s it. We’ll see what happens.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, won’t lie. I can barely handle my own shit. But this, IF IT HAPPENS, could be a really great thing. I feel like I’m going to learn a lot from her, atleast. If she sticks around long enough. I don’t see it happening though. Place some bets.

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Selfie feat. Mr Pickles

Selfie feat. Mr Pickles

hey, why is there someone pretending to be you on 4chan??


Hey, that’s a damn good question. Out of all the people in the world, I’m the worst person of choice. I’m boring! But wuteva ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Won’t believe it till I see it.

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Also, slept great. Aside from being elbowed in the eye and the tit a few times. The fuck were you dreaming about that caused flying elbows?

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Wanted to go to the mall and buy some cute stuff but it’ll be crawling with people on a Saturday. :|

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Last night was my first time ordering a drink out at a place, and I didn’t even get ID’d. Mind you, I look 15, it’s just my vibe. So this whole time I could’ve been draaankin’. -.-

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Also, I’m really thankful for this weather today. The wind is so calming, the sun warm. Thanks weather gods.

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R.I.P pink hair. See you in a month or two. ;~;

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*eskimo kisses everyone*

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Things are feeling great. Great weekend. Great morning. Great great great.

Lil nervous now, something awful is bound to happen. But I’m still great. :’)

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Cats rule, boys dr00l. My main squeeze Mr. Pickles.

Cats rule, boys dr00l. My main squeeze Mr. Pickles.